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We acknowledge that we occupy land originally inhabited by
moomairremener people and we thank them for their care of the land on
which we worship, maintaining an attitude of respect and justice
toward their descendants.

Clarence Uniting Church Mission Statement

The Clarence Uniting Church is a diverse community
seeking what it means to believe in God and follow Jesus
in our local and global context.

Our Mission:

Our worship of God is at the core of who we are.
We value our sense of family and seek to welcome,
include and care for people of all ages and backgrounds.
Inspired by Jesus we seek to serve, care and work
for justice in the wider community.

Clarence Church

Our activities are just as diverse: enjoying each other's company, journeying to discover who God is for us across generations so that we might engage in building a sustainable future. We recognise the leadership of both women and men, and work to discover a more eco-friendly way forward. We also commit to our church to being a safe place for all people especially children and vulnerable adults. We seek to address the real world in the way in which we live and the issues we face. Contemporary life throws up many challenges, especially for families, so we invite you to join us exploring how we can live a life of Jesus values in the world today.

The Clarence Uniting Church has three locations:

Bellerive Uniting Church, Hobart

Bellerive Uniting Church
cnr Cambridge Road and York Street
Bellerive Tasmania 7018 (view map.)
Bellerive worship is All-Age with contemporary music. We encourage active involvement of all the congregation as they wish. Provision is made within the service for kids to worship through art, craft and movement. Worship is at 9.30am each Sunday. On 4th Sundays we meet for breakfast at 8.15am followed 'Choose your own Path' worship at 9.30am.

Bellerive Uniting Church, Hobart

Lindisfarne Uniting Church
cnr East Derwent Hwy and Derwent Ave
Lindisfarne Tasmania 7015 (view map.)
Lindisfarne Worship is contemporary thought and much-loved hymns. Worship is at 9.45am.

Sorell Uniting ChurchThe Clarence Uniting Church is also linked with the
Sorell Uniting Church
Arthur Street Sorell Tasmania 7172 (view map).
Mission Team meets monthly: date, time and venue TBC each month – see web site

Worship Together on 5th Sundays is at Bellerive Church at 9.45am and we welcome the Bridgewater Gagebrook Uniting Church as well.
Baptisms, weddings and funerals by arrangement with the minister.

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Church Council Executive

Supply Minister: Rosalind Terry
6223 7426
Council Chairperson: Kathryn McGuinness
Church Council Secretary: Jan McGrath
0458 816 661
Pastoral Care: Helen Collins
0418 314 390
Newsletter: Judy Flint
0448 800 694
Church Hire Helena Gammon
0400 570 357

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