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Usual Church Times
1st Sun9:3011:00
2nd Sun9:309:30
3rd Sun9:309:30
4th Sun9:30**9:30
5th Sun9:45* 
* Combined Service at Bellrive
** Breakfast at 8:15
Faith in Community/Chapel
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Prayer of Thanksgiving

Dear Lord, by your grace, our salvation is free. We don’t earn it.
We don’t have to try. Yet, as we receive that salvation, we recognize
that our lives will change, that there will be a cost in our discipleship.
It’s not the cost of earning your love, which has already been given to us.
But it is the cost of putting aside our old self so that we
might be more fully devoted to you.
Help me, gracious Lord, to offer more of myself to you. Help me to
give up those things to which I am clinging. Help me to renounce
my sin and turn from it. Help me to let go of the possessions and
securities that keep me from following you with abandon.
O Lord, may I be more and more your disciple each day, by your
grace and for your glory. In your name I pray,

Stewardship Thought

Jesus jolts us into thinking about the freedom we need; he wants us to resist anything that causes us to settle, to nest, to preen or plump for comfort. I ask God to help me to grow in freedom. As I notice where I opt for security, am stuck or have begun to put down roots, I pray that I may want only what God wants for me. Jesus wants us to know the scale of the task ahead of us; when it seems too much for us, what are we to do? To whom can we turn for help? I ask God to keep me in mind of my own need, that I may have the humility and trust always to seek help. here is a cost to discipleship. Jesus wants to be accompanied by friends not by complaining conscripts. He paints a stark picture, asking if we are ready to accept difficulty with him. If we are, we know that he will not leave us alone but will carry our burdens with us and show us what love and courage mean. Large crowds were travelling with Jesus; perhaps that is why he spoke so strongly, to ensure that nobody was going along thoughtlessly or just carried along by the mood of others. Discipleship is personal. Jesus wants to speak to you in particular – not to people in general This passage about the cost of discipleship presumes that following Christ is demanding? Do I find it demanding? In what ways? Is giving up ‘all your possessions’ realistic and if not what does the passage mean for me? Speak to the Lord about the points of difficulty in this passage.

In prayer it is just me and God; for a while all else is given up. I need nothing to pray except myself. This is how I came into the world and how I will go - naked of all I possess and own. This can be an experience of great freedom. Prayer is the moment of offering the self to God - the true and real self without the ‘possessions' which can sometimes block God's invitation and grace. n today’s gospel reading we are encouraged to take steps that will lead us on the path to our heavenly home – We are asked to turn from anything or anyone who could hamper our journey. Before all else our minds and hearts belong to the Lord. We must do all in our power to seek Him first and all else will fall into place. Teach us to follow you faithfully O Lord. Prepare our way and help us put our feet on the path that leads to freedom.


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What's on in Clarence

Sun 8 Sept 9:30amSunday Worship at Bellerive
Sun 8 Sept 9:30amSunday Worship at Lindisfarne
Wed 11 Sept 12:30pmPrayer Group, Lindisfarne
Thur 12 Sept 6:00pmBible Study, Bellerive
Fri 13 Sept 7:30pmUCYouth
Sun 15 Sept 9:30amSunday Service Bellerive
Sun 15 Sept 11:00amSunday Worship, Lindisfarne

Phone 0458 816 661 or by email for details.


All Age Service at Bellerive Uniting Church cnr Cambridge Rd and York St, Bellerive, Tasmania7018

Traditional Service at Lindisfarne Uniting Church cnr East Derwent Hwy and Derwent Ave, Lindisfarne, Tasmania 7015


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