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Usual Church Times
1st Sun9:3011:00
2nd Sun9:45*
3rd Sun9:309:45
4th Sun9:30**9:45
* Combined Service at Bellrive
** Breakfast at 8:15
Faith in Community/Chapel
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Prayer of Thanksgiving

We thank you God for every little kindness we receive
from you and from others.
We thank you that there are glimpses of your justice
in the saints and martyrs of every age,
and sometimes even among ourselves.
We thank you for Jesus Christ,
who never gathered up even praise and honour
as he walked upon our earth,
but moved on, carrying only what was needed
to ensure life for others.
Thanks be to you, O God.

Stewardship Thought

Thank you to all of those who have been will-ing to try something a bit different as a worshipping community over the last 12 months. I have heard many accolades about our fine wor-ship leaders that we have in the congregation across Bellerive and Lindisfarne. Thank you to all those who responded to my and coun-cil’s request for feed about the varied styles of worship that have been offered over this time and my warm appreciation to those who challenge us to think differently about how we worship. At its council meeting we also heard the challenge to make our worship a mission outreach activity. What that means it needs to respond to the com-munity around us more than respond to the needs of the community within. This is then a challenge for us to consider what others might want from our worship than what we want as individuals.

Council discerned that we will be return to the usual format of wor-ship and its leadership at both Bellerive and Lindisfarne. At Lindis-farne first and second Sundays will be led by the minister and 3rd Sun-days by a lay worship leader and 4th Sundays by the Lindisfarne Wor-ship Team. Bellerive will have the minister on 1st, 3rd and 4th Sundays but making room at different times during the month for all the wor-ship leaders to offer worship across a three-month roster, as well as the usual 2nd Sunday lay leadership. We will say farewell to Faith in Community at this time but not to breakfast! Sunday morning break-fasts will still continue on 4th Sundays at Bellerive.


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What's on in Clarence

Sun 4 Aug 9:30amSunday worship at Bellerive
Sun 4 Aug 11:00amSundatservice at Lindisfarne
Wed 7 Aug 10:00amConnections
Wed 7 Aug 12:30pmPrayer Group, Lindisfarne
Thur 8 Aug 6:00pmBible Study, Bellerive
Fri 9 Aug 6:00pmUCYouth
Sun 11 Aug 9:30amCombined Service Bellerive
Sun 11 Aug 11:30amAndrew McDonough Worship

Phone 0458 816 661 or by email for details.


All Age Service at Bellerive Uniting Church cnr Cambridge Rd and York St, Bellerive, Tasmania7018

Traditional Service at Lindisfarne Uniting Church cnr East Derwent Hwy and Derwent Ave, Lindisfarne, Tasmania 7015


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