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Usual Church Times
1st Sun9:3011:00
2nd Sun9:309:45
3rd Sun9:309:45
4th Sun9:45* 
* Combined Service at Bellrive
Breakfast at 8:15
Faith in Community/Chapel
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Prayer of Thanksgiving
We are grateful, O God,
that we may come to you with childlike trust,
believing that you wait in kindness
to guide us in the next hours and days.
We celebrate the witnesses to a Christ who loves the world,
and who engages us in a Godly view of life
which enlarges and enhances all that waits before us
and adds colour to the greyness of our small vision.
Thanks be to you, O God.


Stewardship Thought

As travel through the Gospel of John those past weeks we read about Jesus beginning to farewell his disciples, and he does so by describing what love of God really is. The evidence of the love of God can be seen when we do the will of God – others can see that God has made a home within our life. At the same time, even as we are challenged to keep the word of God in our lives, the other sign of that presence is that we live as those who are not afraid. We are the ones who are at peace because the God whom we serve is not a punishing God, but one who says "Do not let your hearts be troubled." We live as those who are encouraged and forgiven and called on to be God’s people and the sign of God's presence with us is that we love like that in relationship with others.

What’s so important about spiritual disciples?

Spiritual disciples are activities for our lives that deepen our relationship with and so our understanding of God. They are named as disciplines because regular attention to learning about God is an activity of well-being for our lives. Not just our spiritual life but the practice works itself into every corner of our lives. We also undertake them at particular times of the Christian year – Lent or Advent. This year, besides Lent and Advent, I recommend that they be undertaken starting at Pentecost. One of the attributes is spiritual disciplines is that while engaging in them they also reveal God’s mind to us – in other words what do we perceive God wants of us. And it for this reason I call the congregation to take time to undertake a spiritual practice for your lives as well as our corporate life because we will be discerning to make decisions about our use of property for the sake of the continuing of God’s mission for the Clarence Uniting Church. The decisions I believe we will be called to make will reshape our missional life in new ways. Let us prepare to hear God’s call in surprising, energising, unexpected and encouraging ways.


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What's on in Clarence
Sun 19 April 9:30 amSunday Service Bellerive
Sun 19 April 9:45 amSunday Worship, Lindisfarne
Wed 22 May 10:00 amConnections
Wed 22 May 12.30 pmPrayer group, Lindisfarne
Thurs 23 May 6:00 pmBible Study, Bellerive
Fri 24 May 7:30 pmUCYouth
Sun 26 April 8:15amFaith in Community Breakfast
Sun 26 May 9:45 amCombined Service, Bellerive

Phone 0458 816 661 or by email for details.


All Age Service at Bellerive Uniting Church cnr Cambridge Rd and York St, Bellerive, Tasmania7018

Traditional Service at Lindisfarne Uniting Church cnr East Derwent Hwy and Derwent Ave, Lindisfarne, Tasmania 7015


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